Adult Popsicles

Adult Popsicles

Make a popsicle that not only cools you off, but compliments your lifestyle. Are you looking for something more healthy and low calorie that will give you the energy you need? Are you looking for that perfect cold snack after a hot, sweaty workout? Or, do you need something a little more fun that has some tequila in it, and is sure to be a hit at your next Summer pool party? Here are a few ideas that will help cool you down, and leave you feeling cool and refreshed!

Muscle Building Popsicles: Who knew that you could create a popsicle that not only tastes like dessert, but also serves the purpose of fueling your muscles? All you need is a little protein powder and your favorite type of milk! Get creative with trying different types of milk, like almond milk, cashew milk, coconut milk, or regular milk.
Recipe: Men’s Fitness

Breakfast Parfait Pops: Start your mornings off right by using greek yogurt, berries, and Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits to help give you the energy you’ll need to get through the day.
Recipe: Mom On Timeout

Fruit Popsicles: Try going all natural using some puréed fruits with chunks of fruit in your popsicle mold. This is the perfect treat to have near the pool and is guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed and hydrated. Try pairing puréed strawberries with chunks of kiwi, puréed peach with cinnamon and chunks of banana, or puréed pineapple with whole blueberries. Add a little vodka for a fun twist!
Recipe: Recapture Fitness

Yogurt Pops: Craving something that is creamier than a popsicle, but lighter than ice cream? Try making yogurt pops using your favorite yogurt in its original container, popsicle sticks, or aluminum foil. It’s easy and a perfect way to curb your sugar craving!
Recipe: Strong Girls Eat

Margarita Popsicles: Looking for the kind of popsicle that will help get the party started? Look no further than adding some tequila to your all natural margarita mix. A little lime juice, orange juice or orange liquor, condensed milk, and a good grade of tequila will set you on your way to having a good time! Don’t forget to add a wedge of lime for extra flare!
Recipe: Host The Toast

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