5 Ways to Ramp Up Your Grilled Cheese

5 Ways to Ramp Up Your Grilled Cheese

1. Use mayo instead of butter on bread 

Mayo adds a rich, creamy, and slightly tangy flavor to your sandwich. It also coats the bread evenly as it cooks, and prevents the sandwich from burning due to it’s high smoking point.

2. Dip it!

Use a dip or spread as a staple item to give it a flavor punch. Try using spinach and artichoke dip with gouda, pimento cheese spread with Fontina, or guacamole with cheddar.

3. Dessert Grilled Cheese 

Combine your favorite dessert cheese with a savory or sweet topping. Try brie with peaches and basil, mascarpone with strawberries and Nutella, or goat cheese with apricot preserves and prosciutto. 

4. Pair non melting dried or aged cheeses with cheeses that easily melt

Try Parmesan with Fontina, Feta with Gruyere, or Asiago with Monterey Jack.

5. Go beyond white bread 

Sometimes the character of your bread can set the entire mood for the sandwich! Go overboard using pretzel bread with gouda, bacon, and pimento cheese. Try roasted walnut and cranberry bread with brie and turkey. Hawaiian bread with raspberry preserves, ham, turkey, and white cheddar would make the perfect grilled Monte Cristo. Don’t forget to dust it off with a touch of powdered sugar!

Joey Ebach

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